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I wish I was a Chinese job recruiter

Posted in General by admin on the November 30th, 2010


In the evening of November 27, 40 beautiful young girls walked the runway at a hotel in Chengdu. They were not models nor in a beauty pageant, but applying for jobs. The people hiring were the big bosses of 80 companies. Was this job recruitment or dating service? The public questioned.

No-Name Guitar for 900 bucks!

Posted in Fun with Craigslist by admin on the November 30th, 2010

If you’re selling a guitar for a lot of money, you should at least tell us who made it. If you can’t do that, tell us what kind of a guitar it is. No one is going to respond to an ad for an “electric guitar” anymore than anyone would respond to an ad for a “gas powered automobile.”

Heck, a picture would be nice too. That’s my biggest gripe about Craig’s List users, if you’re selling something with a cool factor, provide a picture.

And one last thing I see all the time on Craig’s List, no one, I mean absolutely no one would ever buy a guitar because it comes with picks. Don’t tell us that it comes with picks. It makes you look like an idiot.

Ebert Quote: Faster

Posted in Ebert's Quotes by admin on the November 24th, 2010


Billy Bob (Thornton) creates a Cop who looks like it’s been all downhill for him since Bad Santa.

How Copyright Infringement both Helped and Nearly Killed Metallica

Posted in Copyright,General,Music by admin on the November 23rd, 2010

As we probably all know by now, Metallica was one of the first bands to come out against file sharing. They nearly killed off their fan base by attacking fans and suing Napster.

What’s interesting about this is that Metallica’s entire career was built on copyright infringement. Yes, you heard me right. Metallica became a huge success because their fans infringed their copyrights.

Back in the early 80s radio and MTV did not play Metallica’s brand of metal. This was way before the internet. Nowadays if you have a band you can give it exposure to the world by setting up a facebook/myspace page. But back then alt metal careers were built on building up fan bases one person at a time.

Despite the lack of an internet, there was a huge subculture of metal fans throughout the world. Each city had its own “scene” with its own metal bands. Each scene had its own fanzines. These were photocopied fan-made magazines talking about metal (and punk) music.

You’d do shows. That’d earn you some money to record a demo. You’d start selling those cassettes at your shows. Someone from a local fanzine would write a story about your band. It’d include your address so you’d sell more demos.

You’d continue playing live shows expanding out to other cities. You’d sell more demos and get written up in more fanzines. Thus, you’d sell more demos.

Eventually some of the more commercial metal magazines might do a story about your scene and feature you. That’d allow you to sell more demos and get exposure to the independent labels.

But the demos you’d sell would only be a drop in the bucket compared to what would be going on with your fans. Your fans would be sharing cassette tapes like crazy. Every time someone found a new band they liked, they’d copy it for their friends. Their friends would copy it for their friends. And so on and so on. If you were hot, for every demo you sold, you could guarantee that at least 100 people had a copy. If you sold 1000 demos, you’d have 100,000 fans.

To show how this worked, Metallica’s first independent album, Kill ‘Em All, reached 120 on the US Billboard chart, without any radio, television, mainstream press, or any videos. Heck, it reached number 12 in Finland and 28 in Sweden.

Kill ‘Em All did so incredibly well because fans had been sharing Metallica’s demo tapes since 1981. Before even being signed to an independent label, Metallica were huge in the alt metal movement. All because their fans shared their music.

Which makes Metallica’s attack on Napster users so incredibly ironic.

Metallica used sharing to build themselves up. But once they got to the top, they suddenly became extremely greedy.

And the weird part is that Metallica makes almost all of their profit from touring. Money from album/CD sales are just chump change. But for that relatively nominal amount of money, they still decided to piss on their fans.

Update – April 25, 2012: I found a nice article about how metal bands used tape trading back in the 80s to build names for themselves.

The GOP’s ‘Me Generation’ Strikes Again

Posted in General,Politics by admin on the November 16th, 2010

I’ve written previously about how the GOP is the new “me generation.” I.e., everything is about them.

David Jungerman represents this new GOP view. He’s a farmer and placed a sign on his tractor which stated:

“Are you a Producer or Parasite” “Democrats – Party of the Parasites”

What’s so bad about that? He’s a farmer. In the 10 years prior he received over a million bucks in federal farm subsidies.

In his “me” world it’s perfectly acceptable to take $100,000 a year from the federal government while simultaneously bitching about families living off $180 a month in food stamps.

As long as you’re not a Democrat, it’s perfectly acceptable to cry “me me me!”

Happiness is…

Posted in Computers by admin on the November 15th, 2010

Running a network cable from your first story computer room, down into the basement, up an old chimney into the attic, then down through a wall into the kids’ second story playroom, and having it work after only three attempts to connect the CAT5e end.

Worst Introductory Paragraph Ever

Posted in General,Law by admin on the November 8th, 2010

This is the absolute worst introductory paragraph I’ve ever read in a brief.

Prior to 2008, KA and IMAF engaged in a profession services agreement (“PS Agreement”) the essential terms of which provided that KA would perform certain cardiovascular medical services on behalf of IMAF for IMAF patients and KA would receive compensation in return. KA materially breached the PS Agreement on numerous occasions. As a result and in order to avoid litigation by IMAF against KA, IMAF and KA entered into the Agreement referenced by Dr. Khullar in his complaint but not attached to it by him.

I want to make this perfectly clear, that paragraph above was the very first paragraph in the brief. It was written under the Facts heading. Its purpose was to explain the facts of the case to the court.

You know we’re screwed when…

Posted in Economy,General,Thought of the Day by admin on the November 4th, 2010

I just came across this quote in an article about a Chinese factory:

Management of the living quarters has recently been outsourced to a local operations company in an attempt to address concerns about an employer managing living conditions of its workers.

You know we’re screwed when factories in China start outsourcing their own management.